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Radiator Hose Leak Symptoms

Radiator Hose Repair

One of the biggest things that can send your truck to its early grave is a faulty or broken radiator hose. This hose is responsible for transporting the coolant to the radiator, and when it fails it causes problems or damages your engine. Coolant helps regulate your engines temperature helping make sure it stays cool or warm enough while it’s running sometimes the signs of a failing radiator hose aren’t always as easy as looking at your engine’s temperature gauge. Which is why we wanted to tell you about some other signs of a failing radiator hose.

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Commercial Truck Radiators

Commercial Truck RadiatorsCommercial Truck RadiatorsCommercial Truck RadiatorsCommercial Truck Radiators

The cooling system and especially the radiator are crucial in keeping your engine from overheating. Your commercial truck engine can produce a large amount of heat, and without a properly functioning radiator, it will certainly overheat.  The radiator in your truck is filled with a mixture of water and anti-freeze. This mixture is moved through your cooling system usually by a water pump.

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Truck Radiators this time of year

Bluebird/Freightliner/Oshkosh Heavy Duty RadiatorDuring the summer months, there is not a more important part to your truck’s engine than the radiator. Truck radiators keep the engine cool and prevent it from over heating. Every truck radiator is important of course, so no matter what model of truck you are driving or what type of radiator, make sure you Inspect your hoses and regularly check your radiator fluid for leaks.

Whether you are driving an International or Peterbilt Semi or have an aluminum or copper metal based radiator, over time cracks and leaks will occur in heavy duty  truck radiators. If you find that you need to repair or replace your heavy truck radiator, look no further than Southpointe Radiator.

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