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44-IHC7F International Eagle Prostar Transtar 2008-2011

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 39 5/8"

Width: 13 5/8"

Depth: 4 1/4"


Product Type: Charge Air Cooler


O.E. Construction: Aluminum

Orientation: Croossflow

Filler Neck: None

Inlet: 4"

Outlet: 4"

Oil cooler: None


OEM numbers:

NAV16422, NAV16422N, NAV16422R, 222271, SC222271, CA2271, SCSI222271, 222257, SC222257, CA2257, SCSI222257, CAC347, 441304, NV7F, NV7FMAX, NV9Q, CBNV9Q, 615CA965, FLX010732, HDH010567, HDH010567BP, 44013529, SPI44013529, 44IHC7F, RHT075, SRMIHC7F, 1E5965, 1E6431, 1N180148, 1N180149, 1N180150, 1N180212, 1N180237, 1S0061260000, 1S180148, 1S180149, 1S180150, 1S180237, 1S5965, 1S6126, 2591556C91, 2591557C91, 2591558C91, 2591601C91, 2591601C92, 2596587C91, 2601431C91, 3622438F91, 3622438F92, 3622483F91, 3622483F92, 3824929F91, 3824929F92, PR34473G14 

Product Code: 44-IHC7F

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