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55-8000-22WF Freightliner Radiator With Frame Century Columbia M2 112 2004-2017


Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 41.8125"

Width: 31.5"

Depth: 2"


Product Type: Radiator

Construction: plastic tank/aluminum core

Orientation: Downflow

Filler Neck: None

Inlet:2.5" (Right / 5-3/4")

Outlet:2.5" (Right / 5-3/4")

This radiator comes completely from BEHR the factory original supplier to Freightliner. This results in best fit and finishes radiator for your truck. The OEM Radiator is so good we back it up with a 2-year warranty. Radiator ships with pins, clips, and mount a 50 dollar value included.

OEM Numbers:

800022, 800022PT, 800022ST, 8022, S8022, X8022, FRE22, FRE22AP, FRE22PA, BTC7157CPSM, BTC7157CPMSM, BT7157CPSM, BT7157CPMSM, 7157CPSM, 7157CPMSM, SPI20011711, ABPN2020011711, 20011711, 200001, SCSI239138, 239138, TR9138 (PAWOUTF), SCSI239285, 239285, TR9285, CR9285 (CBRWOUTF), SCSI239336, 239336, TR9336, CR9336 (CBRWF), 437601S, 43059, FLX000235, 2400143, 376761541, CVTM80593, CTVTM80593, CVTU80593, CTVTU80593, CTVTU80594, ACTSA805944N, ACSA805944N, ACTAA805944N, 558059, 558059A, 558059F, SRM8059, HDC010023, RC2361, DHTFR1306B0023, FR47, FR47PA, FR47R4, FR47WF, S18929, 613RA022, HDC010023, HDC010023PA, A0519870002, A0519870003, A0519870009, A0519870011, A0519870013, A0519870015, A0519870017, A0519870019, A0519870021, A0519870023, BHTA6392, A6392, BHTA9986, A9986, BHTA9988, A9988, BHTC0692, C0692, BHTC2315, C2315, D9546, BHTD9546, BHTD9558, D9558, BHTD9567, D9567, BHTE7233, E7233, BHTE7236, E7236, BHTH5464, H5464, BHTE7233002, E7233002, BHTU3692001, U3692001, BHTU3692002, U3692002, BHTU3698001, U3698001, BHTU3698002, U3698002

Product Code: 55-8000-22WF

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