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55-8000-49PT Freightliner Sterling Radiator L-Line 7000-8000 M2 106

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 34 3/16"

Width: 26 7/8"

Depth: 2"


Product Type: Radiator


O.E. Construction: PTR

Orientation: Downflow

Filler Neck: None

Inlet: 2.5" (Right)

Outlet: 2.5" (Left)

Oil cooler: Bottom


OEM numbers:

800049, 800049ST, 800049AP, S8049, 8049, 239025, TR9025, SCSI239025, 559025A, 437244S, FRE65, FR68, A0525995001, A0525995003, 0525990001, 0525990003, BHTB3869, B3869, BHTB3872, B3872, BHTB7425, B7425, BHTB7715, B7715, BHTB7718, 7718, BHTC2478, C2478, BHTC2484, C2484, BHTC3160, C3160, BHTC7883, C7883, BHTC7886, C7886, BHTE8733, E8733, BHTE8736, E8736, BHTE8740, E8740, BHTE8748, E8748, BHTG9642, G9642, BHTG9658, G9658, BHTG9678, G9678 BHTP2039001 P2039001 

Product Code: 55-8000-49PT

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