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44-FOR25M FORD/STERLING Heavy Duty Truck Charge Air Cooler


Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 35.25"

Width: 27.25"

Depth: 2.5"


Product Type: Charge Air Cooler

Construction: Aluminum

Orientation: Crossflow

Filler Neck: None

Inlet:4.5" (Left)

Outlet:4" (Right)


OEM Numbers:

FOR19016, FOR19016N, FOR19016R, BTC1128D, BT1128D, 1128D, CAC128D, SCSI222024, CA2024, 222024, 441183, FD25M, FODAC25M, DURFODAC25M, DHTFO25M, DHT25M, 374125M, FLX010111, SRMFOR25M, 44FOR25M, 17V9806, VAB1030118, VAL1030118, 1030118, VAB1030138, VAL1030138, 1030138, VAB1030228, VAL1030228, 1030228, VAB1040118, VAL1040118, 1040118, VAB1040126, VAL1040126, 1040126, VAL1050055, VAB1050055, 1050055, F7HZ6K775AA, F7HZ6K775BA, F7HT8009BE, F7HT8009CE, F8HT8009TA, F8HT8009UA

Product Code: 44-FOR25M

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