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44-FR5N FREIGHTLINER Heavy Duty Truck Charge Air Cooler 1996-2007

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 37.75"

Width: 24"

Depth: 1.9375"


Product Type: Charge Air Cooler

Construction: Aluminum

Orientation: Crossflow

Filler Neck: None



This charge air cooler fits in the same mounting location as the 44FR5Q. It is 2 inches narrower across the fins (up and down as it sits in the truck)


OEM Numbers:

FRT18119, FRT18119N, FRT18119ED, BTC1107C, BT1107C, 1107C, CAC107C, WSR1107C, BTC1107EH, BT1107EH, 1107EH, CAC107EH, WSR1107EH, SCSI222202, CA2202, 222202, SCSI222038, 222038, CA2038, SCSI222159, CA2159, 222159, 441146, 441146U, SPI44011707, 44011707, SPI44011709, 44011709, FRDAC5QS, FRDAC5Q, FL5L, FL5LMAX, 23709, 23707, FLX010215, FLX010217, FLX010218, FRCAC001, DHTFR5Q, DURFRDAC5Q, 37415Q, DHT5Q, DHTAG5Q, 3741AG5Q, DURAGFR5Q, DHTAGFR5Q, 44FR5L, SRMFR5L, 44FR5LBP, 44FR5Q, SRMFR5Q, 44FR5QS, SRMFR5QS, DHTFR5QS, DURFRDAC5QS, 37415QS, DHT5QS, DHTAG5QS, 3741AG5QS, DURAGFR5QS, DHTAGFR5QS, 17V9762, RHT023, S17115, A0519502000, A0519502001, A0519502002, A0519502009, A0520659003, A0520659002, BHT1SA00207, 1SA00207, BHT1SA00208, 1SA00208, BHT1SA00209, 1SA00209, BHT1SA00210, 1SA00210, BHT1SA00211, 1SA00211, BHT1AA00111, 1AA00111, BHT2AA00111, 2AA00111, BHT69995, 69995, BHT72105, 72105, BHT72117, 72117, BHTA6728, A6728, BHTA6729, A6729, BHTB3938, B3938, BHTB5434, B5434, BHTC0965, C0965, BHTC2313, C2313, BHTD3521, D3521, BHTD3522, D3522, BHTC5356, C5356, BHTD9460, D9460, BHTD9463, D9463, BHTD9466, D9466, BHTD9554, D9554, BHTD9582, D9582, BHTD9588, D9588, BHTE3760, E3760, BHTE6125, E6125, BHTE6293, E6293, BHTH0173, H0173, BHTH0578, H0578, BHTH9358, H9358, BHTH9585, H9585, BHTH9590, H9590, BHTU2229001, U2229001, 4859605001, 4859600001, 4867505004, 4865700004, 4858000003, PPD710478

Product Code: 44-FR5N

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