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44-FR5T FREIGHTLINER Heavy Duty Truck Charge Air Cooler Columbia 2003-2007

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 37.5625"

Width: 26.5"

Depth: 1.9375"


Product Type: Charge Air Cooler

Construction: Aluminum

Orientation: Crossflow

Filler Neck: None




OEM Numbers:

FRT18122, FRT18122ED, FRT18122N, FRT18122R, BTC1107F, BT1107F, 1107F, CAC107F, CAC107H, WSR1107F, SCSI222194, CA2194, 222194, FL5L2, FL5L2MAX, FL5L3, FRDAC3D, DURFRDAC3D, DHTFR3D, DHT3D, 37413D, 44FR3D, SRMFR3D, FRDAC5T, DURFRDAC5T, DHTFR5T, DHT5T, 37415T, 44FR5T, SRMFR5T, 441237, SPI44011715, 44011715, 23005, RHT024, S17116, FLX010219, FLX010237, 04C0623N, A0519870001, A0519870002, A0519870003, A0519870011, A0519870013, A0519870014, A0519870016, A0519870017, A0519870018, A0519870019, A0519870020, A0519870022, A0519870024, BHT59279, BHTA3562, A3562, BHTA6392, A6392, BHTC0692, C0692, BHTC2320, C2320, BHTC2489, C2489, BHTD3523, D3523, BHTD3525, D3525, BHTD9526, D9526, BHTD9546, D9546, BHTD9550, D9550, BHTD9558, D9558, BHTE7233, E7233, BHTE7241, E7241, BHTE7241002, E7241002, BHTH5453, H5453, BHTH5464, H5464, BHTH5468, H5468, BHTH5468002, H5468002, MOD1E6017, 1E6017

Product Code: 44-FR5T

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