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Class 8 Truck Radiators

Class 8 Truck Radiators

What Exactly Is Class 8?

When class 8 is mentioned for trucks, what that means is it is a large heavy truck. The US DOT (Department of Transportation), classifies trucks by GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) ranked from smallest 1 to largest 8. It is almost like weight classes for trucks. The GVWR also includes the maximum operating weight of the truck that it can carry. When you see weigh stations on the side of the freeway, they are there to make sure trucks are not exceeding their maximum GVWR.

Of course, with a Class 8 truck, you are not just going to use regular auto parts found at your local shop. You need heavy duty reliable parts you can find at places such as Southpointe Radiator. With decades of experience and dedication to our customers, Southpointe Radiator can help you find the radiator for your Class 8 truck. 

Class 8 Radiators And Parts

At Southpointe Radiator we carry radiators for all the major brands of trucks. We carry radiators for FreightlinerBlue BirdKenworthMack and Peterbilt just to name a few. All our radiators are high-quality replacement truck radiators and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Every one of our radiators meets or exceed O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. ALong with top quality radiators, we also have radiator components as well.

We have Inlet tanks, outlet tanks, tube gaskets and top radiators with surge tanks all available. Of course, we also offer full lines of coolant tubes, fan clutches and just about anything you need to keep your Class 8 truck running smoothly. Try our extensive truck search, it can help you find the exact part you are looking for no matter any type model of truck. Still did not find your part? Give us a call today at 1-888-897-6275 and one of our experts can answer any question you may have. Or use our easy contact form for more information.

Finally, no matter what radiator or part you are looking for, Southpointe Radiator can help you find it! 



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