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65-6283 International-Navistar Truck Condenser Eagle 9100i 9200i 9900i 1998-2003

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 20"

Length: 33 3/4"

Thickness: 7/8"


Product Type: A/C Condensers

Type: Tube-Fin

Fitting Style: Male Insert O-ring

Inlet: #8 MIO

Outlet: #6 MIO

O-Ring #1: 0013

O-Ring #2: 0011

Refrigerant Type: R12/R134a

OEM Number: 650828 24-30474 2430474 9142755 657001 PL3497 040828 40828 PT40828 CD40828 9240828 SCSI9240828 79017 SPI79017 1513001 K1513001 6283 3502010 EE01001227 01301250 3504377C1 1A17303G 1A17305G 1A17307G 1A17309G 1A17315G 1A17317G 1A17971G 1A17973G 1A17975G 1A17977G 1A18130G 1A18132G 1A18133G 1A18135G 1A18137G 1A18138G 1A18735G 1A18141G 1A18143G 1A18736G 1A18737G 1A18738G 1A18740G 1A18742G 1A18743G 1A18746G 3502942C91 3502943C91 3502944C91 3502945C91 3502946C91 3502947C91 3502948C91 3502949C91 3502950C91 3502951C91 3502951C92 3502952C91 3502953C91 3502954C91 3504377C1 6283 1140828 615AC283


Product Code: 65-6283

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