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65-6360 Peterbilt 2008-2009 384 386 Condenser

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 17 7/8"

Length: 29 1/4"

Thickness: 3/4"


Product Type: A/C Condensers

Type: Parallel Flow

Fitting Style: Paccar Pad

Inlet: Pad

Outlet: Pad

O-Ring #1: 0013

O-Ring #2: 0011

Refrigerant Type: R12/R134a

OEM Number: R0337001 650907 24-33656 2433656 1140907 40907 PT40907P PT40907 9240907 SCSI9240907 651406 79093 SPI79093 041424 R0337001 F3160921101310 F3160921102310 F3160922101310 F3160922101510 F3160922102310 F3160921111310 F3160921101320 F3160921111320 F3160922101320 F3160922111520 F3160922311510 F3160922311520 F3160921102130 F3160921101010 F3160921111010 F3160921112130 F3160921112310 F3160921121010 F3160921121310 F3160921121320 F3160921122130 F3160921122310 F3160922111510 633AC360


Product Code: 65-6360

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