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65-6205 Navistar Trucks International Eagle 9300 1994-1997

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 26"

Length: 27"

Thickness: 7/8"


Product Type: A/C Condensers

Type: Tube-Fin

Refrigerant Type: R12/R134a

Inlet: #8 MIO

Outlet: #8 MIO

O-Ring #1: 0013

O-Ring #2: 0011

Fitting Style: Male Insert O-ring

OEM numbers: 650824, 24-33647, 2433647, 040824, 40824, 9240824, 6205, TC40824, PT40824, CD40824, 52062, 740824, 79014, SPI79014, 9142830, C60045, 10483, 1S11398, 1W011398, 1W11398D, 1A16619G, 1A16620G, 1A16621G, 1A16622G, 1A17213G, 1A17214G, 1A17215G, 1A17355G, 1A17356G, 2009378C1, 2009378C2, NAV2009378C2, 2017954C91,,2017955C91, 2017956C1, 2017957C1, 3500840C91, 3500841C91, 3500842C91, 3503898C91, 3503899C91, 5A59662D, 2017953C91, 2017956C91, 2017957C91, 2017958C91, 2017959C91, 2017960C91, 3500838C91, 3500839C91, 3500843C91, 3500844C91, 3500845C91, 6205, 1140824, 615AC205



Product Code: 65-6205

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