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55-7700-16PT KENWORTH / PETERBILT RADIATOR: 2008 - 2014 KENWORTH T800: 2014 - 2015 KENWORTH T880: 2008 - 2009 PET


Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 36 15/16"

Width: 39 7/16"

Depth: 2"


Product Type: Radiator


O.E. Construction: PTR

Orientation: Downflow

Filler Neck: None

Inlet: 2.5" (Left)

Outlet: 2.5" (Right/Bottom)

Oil cooler: None


OEM numbers:

770016, 770016AP, 770016ST, 770016PT, 7716, S7716, SRM7716, SER77164LH, PET18, KW69, PB69, 239165, TR9165, SCSI239165, 559165, 559165A, 238624, TR8624, SCSI238624, 437441, 437441P, 437441S, BTC7400, BT7400, 7400, CTVTU82873, CTVTM82873, 8278, CTVTU83223, CTVTM83223, 8322, RADPE111, PE111, 205004, HD205004, LT1064, 1064, HDC010176, HDC010176PA, 20012508, SPI20012508, ABPN2020012508, 633RA016, RA016, S23031, HD205004, FLX000527, AFA000527, F3161011101110, F3161011101120, F3161011102110, F3161011111110, F3161011112110, F3161011115110, F3161011121110, F3161011121120, F3161011121340, F3161011122110, F3161011131110, F3161011131120, F3161011131350, F3161011132110, F3161011132120, F3161011201340, F3161011211330, F3161011211340, F3161011211350, F3161011211360, F3161011212360, F3161011213360, F3161011221330, F3161011221340, F3161011221350, F3161011231330, F3161011231340, F3161011231350, F3161011231360, F3161011232350, F3161011231330, F3161011132110B, F3161012231350, F3161012531660, N3985001, N3985002, N3985003, S1697001, F3161011135110

Product Code: 55-7700-16PT

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