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55-6400-64ST International | Navistar Radiator CE BUS 4700 LO PRO 1994-2004

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Product Information

Core Dimensions

Height: 31"

Width: 12.1875"


Depth: 2.25"


Product Type: Radiator

Construction: Copper

Orientation: Downflow

Filler Neck: None

Inlet:2.5" (Center)

Outlet:2.25" (Left/curved)

Oil cooler: grill side


OEM Numbers:

640064ST, SRM6464, INT74, 238514, TR8514, SCSI238514, 558514, IN8187OC, CAVTU81874, 437321S, 12981S, FLX000785, 1697467C1, 1697467C2, 2023280C92, 2029208C91, 2505157C1, 3527217C91, 3527217C92, 3527217C93, 3527217C94, 1A16892G, 1A16905G, 1A17890D, 1A18120D, 1A18581D, 1A19014D, 3A45017G, 3A48120D1, 3A50251D 

Product Code: 55-6400-64ST

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