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Detroit Diesel Coolant Tubes

Detroit Diesel Coolant TubesDetroit Diesel parts can be found in several top brands in the Daimler Trucks Norht America family of trucks, such as Freightliner, Western Star, SelecTrucks, Freightliner Custom Chassis and Thomas Built. Detroit Diesel has been around for over 75 years and are one of the most innovative companies in their industry.

If you are looking for a lower coolant tube for a Frieghtliner 120/132 truck with a Detroit Diesel Series 60, then South Point Radiator has the parts you need. Southpointe Radiator specializes in coolant tubes for all types of trucks and engines, not just Detroit Diesel.

Southpointe Radiator carries coolant tubes and parts for brands such as Western Star, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner and much more. Not looking for coolant tubes? Well we also carry fan clutches, exhaust, fan shrouds, radiators and much more.

Southpointe Radiator has over 25 years of experience in heating and cooling and offer heavy duty truck repairs as well as parts. No matter what coolant tube you are loking for, be it Detroit Diesel or frieghtliner, we can help you, give us a call today at 1-888-633-9940 and see what Southpointe Radiator can do for you!

Stainless Steel Coolant Tubes Done Right

100% Made in the USA by Southpointe Radiator

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. After exploring all the options in Coolant Tubes offered in the heavy duty truck market, that’s exactly what Southpointe Radiator decided to do.

Southpointe Radiator is located in Taylor Michigan and has been family owned for more than 30 years and three generations of heavy duty specialists. The viewpoint in product offerings stemmed from a simple premise – if we wouldn’t want it in our own truck, we won’t sell it for theirs. When it came to Coolant Tubes what they found was product consisting of a 400 series, or martensitic type, steel which is very hard but because of the makeup becomes brittle.

This leaves the tube susceptible to rust and compromises the overall strength and durability. Other considerations were the process of forming the bend as well as the methods used for cutting the tube and applying brackets. None were found to be within the high standards of Southpointe Radiator.

Southpointe Radiator begins with an austenitic, 304 surgical stainless steel consisting of 8-10% nickel and 18-20% chromium making them not only resistant to rust, but keeps the overall integrity through road debris and the elements. A mandrel bend allows for an extreme tight radius while keeping the tube wrinkle free allowing a full flow throughout the tube.

Smooth bore dies are used for burr free clamping and a water jet is utilized to cut flanges and brackets. The tubes are also completely tig welded with a 308 series rod in keeping in line with the rest of our high quality standards. The entire process gives it a better fit, safer to handle, has a better appearance, and keeps the overall function more consistent.

Being offered a lifetime warranty on any product is certainly a great selling feature; one that gives a customer peace of mind that they will not need to pay again for a part on their heavy duty truck. However, with all the abuse the truck takes while running down the road, Southpointe Radiator believes that it’s better to offer a product that lasts a lifetime. Made in the USA right in their shop in Taylor Michigan, Southpointe Radiator proudly makes Stainless Steel Coolant Tubes – done right.


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High Quality Stainless Steel Coolant Tubes

Our goal here at Southpointe Radiator is to provide our customers with only the best aftermarket stainless steel coolant tubes. This is why we design our coolant tubes in house, out of only the finest 304 stainless steel. Our 304 stainless steel design, replacement coolant tubes for Kenworth, Ford, Freightliner, Peterbilt, or Western Star trucks will not rust! coolant-tube

A rust free coolant tube eliminates the risk of corrosion allowing truck drivers to ride longer without having to replace their coolant tube again. All of our coolant tubes at Southpointe Radiator are guaranteed to outlast other aftermarket coolant tubes. High quality is our priority, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

If you are looking for a high quality replacement coolant tube for your semi-truck, look no further. We carry replacement coolant tubes for all semi truck makes and models. If we don’t have it we can custom make it! For more information on our high quality stainless steel coolant tubes, contact Southpointe Radiator today!