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Truck Repair Services In Michigan

Radiator Repair in Michigan

At Southpointe Radiator, we have been providing semi-truck repair services for over 30 years. Located in Taylor, Michigan, we offer services such as radiator repair, high-pressure cooler repair, shell and tube heat exchanger repair, welding, fabrication, and DPF filter cleaning.

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Keep Your Diesel Particulate Filter Clean

A properly working DPF keeps your semi on the road

For every diesel semi or truck longevity is a concern. For many, their truck is the source of their livelihood. If you are a fleet manager,  the semi trucks “are” the business. In any case, the vehicle(s) must last long enough to see a return on investment and profit off them. Regular preventative maintenance and upkeep is part of that. What is one very important part that which often gets overlooked? The Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. Continue reading

Heavy Duty Truck Parts for Semi Fleets

As a semi-truck fleet manager responsible for keeping trucks on the road, you need reliable parts fast and at a fair price. Southpointe Radiator makes custom heavy duty truck parts for semi fleets and you can in minutes!  Semi trucks and trailers take a beating out there. Rough roads, cold weather, and excessive heat are just a few of the challenges. We want to make help sure your fleet stays up and running so your business can too.
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Southpointe Radiator Is A NARSA Certified Heavy Duty Shop

soutpointe radiator is narsa heavy duty truck member

Southpointe Radiator is a member and strongly supports NARSA, The International Heat Transfer Association. We are proud to be NARSA Heavy Duty Certified and we want our customers to know. They recognize our radiator shop and our technicians to have the equipment and technical knowledge to provide parts for heavy duty repairs with a high level of product quality and customer service.

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