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Freightliner AC Condenser Replacement

Freightliner Trucks AC Condenser Replacement

Freightliner Trucks is the most popular and reliable American truck manufacturer since they first opened in 1942. As a division of Daimler Trucks North America, they are best known for their manufacture of heavy duty class 5-7 and high class 8 diesel trucks. Known as leading pioneers in the history of trucking manufacture, Freightliner is constantly looking toward the future by improving their truck’s quality with new technologies.

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Surge Tanks Purpose and Replacements

RV Surge Tank

The Surge Tank is an integral part of a trucks cooling system. The main function of a surge tank is to control the pressure variations caused by changes in temperature. They prevent system failure by controlling the rise and fall in pressure in the cooling system. Usually, a radiator is topped with a surge tank to prevent the blowing out of radiator fluid.

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The Importance of a Fan Clutch And Replacements

 Fan Clutch Kits Keeping your engine cool is an important step in maintaining your engine for years to come. Every semi truck owner wants to save on fuel economy and horsepower and a properly functioning fan clutch does just that.

A fan clutch is usually thermostatically controlled, meaning depending on the temperature of the engine determines when the fan comes on. Instead of constantly running based on engine speed which in turn, would use more power and become noisier when accelerating the vehicle. Most fan clutches are operated by pulleys and belts connected to the crankshaft.

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AC Condensers For Semi-Trucks or Construction equipment

AC Condensers

What is an AC Condenser?

When it comes to semi-trucks or construction equipment, heavy duty truck AC condensers are an important consideration in maintaining the vehicle. These air conditioning condensers are located on the high side of the air conditioning system and are placed directly in front of the radiator. Because of where it’s located, it allows for the refrigerant vapor to travel through the air-conditioning system, thus creating ice cold air for the driver. Continue reading

Keep Your Diesel Particulate Filter Clean

A properly working DPF keeps your semi on the road

For every diesel semi or truck longevity is a concern. For many, their truck is the source of their livelihood. If you are a fleet manager,  the semi trucks “are” the business. In any case, the vehicle(s) must last long enough to see a return on investment and profit off them. Regular preventative maintenance and upkeep is part of that. What is one very important part that which often gets overlooked? The Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. Continue reading