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AC Condensers For Semi-Trucks or Construction equipment

AC Condensers

What is an AC Condenser?

When it comes to semi-trucks or construction equipment, heavy duty truck AC condensers are an important consideration in maintaining the vehicle. These air conditioning condensers are located on the high side of the air conditioning system and are placed directly in front of the radiator. Because of where it’s located, it allows for the refrigerant vapor to travel through the air-conditioning system, thus creating ice cold air for the driver. Continue reading

Keep Your Engine Cool With A Fan Clutch from Southpointe Radiator

Fan clutches are one of the most misunderstood cooling components. A fan clutch controls the fan speed of the fan to meet the cooling needs of the engine. Almost all rear wheel vehicles use Fan Clutches to control the speed of the fan, this gives the ability to provide high air and good fuel economy.

There are three types of fan clutches;

1. Non-Thermal Fan Clutch

2. Thermal Fan Clutch

3. Electronic Fan Clutch

Southpointe Radiator carries:

Kitmasters Brand of fan clutches, spring engaged and air engaged fan clutches, Horton Brand fan clutches, replacement lining kits and much more.

Along with replacing your fan clutch we offer replacements for Horton air engaged and spring engaged rebuild kits. Rebuild bearing kits for KYSOR/BORG, warner fan and pulley hubs, and other replacement kits.

Horton Type Post 2001 Re-manufactured Spring and Air engaged fan clutches; Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International, Mack, MCI Remote Mount, Mercedes-Benz brands of fan clutches.

A Fan clutch like any other part on a vehicle can fail or break, there are a few conditions a failing fan clutch can cause;

  • Overheating in idle or in heavy traffic.truck-3674
  • Poor air conditioning performance due to the fan not cooling the air conditioners condenser down. This is located in front of the radiator.
  • A fan clutch has the possibility of falling into a stuck position resulting in loosing power of the fan and decrease fuel economy.
  • In cold weather climate when the heating system doesn’t blow hot enough air.
  • If you hear grinding sound from the engine there is a possibility it is caused by worn bearings in the fan clutch.

Southpointe Radiator is here for all your fan clutch failures, replacements and rebuild kits! Proudly carrying Kitmasters Brand of fan clutches, we provide a 2 year, 200,000 mile warranty. Please contact us  for any questions on our fan clutches or other products.

Is your Truck AC set for summer?

rear-mirror-4525As we approach the summer days, many will run the air conditioning within their truck. Ensuring that each part that makes up the A/C system is properly functioning will provide truck drivers with the air necessary to keep cool.

A/C systems are made up of many parts including the trucks A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, and the accumulator or drier. The main component of the air conditioning system within a truck is known as the compressor. The A/C compressor allows the refrigerant to pressurize resulting in cool air to be released. A/C compressors in trucks are run by an engine belt and an electric clutch that acts as a switch turning the compressor on and off depending on how cool of air conditioning you want.

Another important component to a trucks air conditioning system is the A/C condenser. Located next to your trucks radiator the A/C compressor is resembled as a smaller radiator which the compressed air travels through, resulting in much cooler air becoming liquid. After the air becomes a liquid it continues through the evaporator and accumulator.

Each component of a trucks A/C system is just as important as the next. Southpointe Radiator provides high quality air conditioning parts for trucks. Contact Southpointe Radiator today get started on repairing your trucks A/C compressors or condensors.