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Coolant Tubes An Essential Part Of Your Cooling System

One of the key factors in keeping your engine running smoothly and hassle-free is your cooling system. If your engine overheats, it could cost you a ton of time and money to get it back on the road. So you need to take the time to make sure your cooling system is working properly and […]

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Surge Tanks Purpose and Replacements

Surge Tanks are an integral part of a truck’s cooling system. The main function of a surge tank is to control the pressure variations caused by changes in temperature. They prevent system failure by controlling the rise and fall in pressure in the cooling system. Usually, a radiator is topped with a surge tank to […]

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Kenworth and Freightliner Headlights

We all know accidents happen and wear and tear over the years can lead to broken parts. For any kind of overnight haul, you need to make sure your lights are in working order. Large Kenworth or Freightliner trucks, headlights from the manufacturer can cost quite a bit. Also, when you buy directly from them, […]

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Now Available Super Heavy Duty Compressors (SHDC)

Southpointe Radiator is proud to announce we carry Super Heavy Duty Compressors. Our compressors are a Sanden style compressor that can replace a standard model. A super heavy duty compressor (SHDC), is a pump used in the cooling system.

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In Need of Stainless Steel Coolant Tubes?

Stainless steel coolant tubes are high-quality tubes that are designed for larger trucks. Built from 304 stainless steel, Southpointe Radiator’s stainless steel tubes are guaranteed to last longer than others. Why? Well, for one, our coolant tubes will not rust. Consisting of 8-10% nickel and 18-20% chromium, our tubes are rust-resistant and sturdy amidst the […]

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AC Condensers For Semi-Trucks or Construction equipment

What is an AC Condenser? When it comes to semi-trucks or construction equipment, heavy duty truck AC condensers are an important consideration in maintaining the vehicle. These air conditioning condensers are located on the high side of the air conditioning system and are placed directly in front of the radiator. Because of where it’s located, […]

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Freightliner AC Condenser Replacement

An AC Condenser is a main component within the AC system. For an AC system to work, it needs a gas or liquid form of refrigerant to cool it. The job of an AC condenser is to convert the AC’s incoming refrigerant vapor into a cooled liquid form. How do you know when to get […]

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Lower and Upper Coolant Tubes For Your Truck

By using a stainless steel coolant tube, you get a high strength-to-weight ratio that other materials cannot provide. Also, a Southpointe Radiator Coolant Tube with 314 gages stainless steel, has much more strength and durability compared to other tubes on the market. Are you tired of replacing your coolant tubes at an alarming rate? With […]

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Radiators Keep Your Semi Truck on the Road

One of the most important parts of a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck is the radiator. The radiator is an essential part of the cooling system for your engine. Large truck engines can produce massive amounts of heat. A properly functioning radiator can help reduce the heat on the engine to help it run better. No […]

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Heavy Duty Truck Parts for Semi Fleets

As a semi-truck fleet manager responsible for keeping trucks on the road, you need reliable parts fast and at a fair price. Southpointe Radiator makes custom heavy-duty truck parts for semi fleets and you can in minutes!  Semi-trucks and trailers take a beating out there. Rough roads, cold weather, and excessive heat are just a […]

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