DENSO Compressor Oil and Super Heat Switch

DENSO Compressor Oil and Super Heat Switch

The DENSO manufacturer has released some issues that may occur with their compressors.

DENSO Issue 1: Oil

When the compressors are assembled at the DENSO plant. Only assembly oil is used, which has been found to only be 1-2 oz. It is recommended that an ADDITIONAL 4-6 oz. be added when replacing the condenser.

Only add 4 oz. if not replacing the condenser. DO NOT add this oil directly to the compressor. Pour the oil into the inlet side or the drier prior to installation. If you pour the oil directly into the compressor you WILL break the compressor. It is not physically possible to compress oil.

Issue 2: super Heat Switch

The assembly line versions of the DENSO Freightliner compressor had an external superheat switch to monitor the compressor temperature. The purpose of this switch is to disable the compressor if it overheats. DENSO aftermarket feels and SouthPOINTE Radiator fully agrees the superheat switch should be in the clutch where the heat is.

This is why you cannot see an external super heat switch. The switch is inside the clutch where it should be like on SANDEN. The wiring is correct and will plug directly into your truck/engine harness with zero modifications. There is still a fully integrated superheat switch, only it has been moved to a better location in the clutch.

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