Radiator Services

Radiator Repair

Brass or Copper Radiators

We repair them all. Before we repair, we properly clean the radiator. We can repair any of the following issues:

  • Seam Leaks: Leaks between the core and the tank can be repaired most of the time. The process for the repair includes removing the old solder, then sandblasting the area, and finally resolder the area.
  • Core Damage: The core can be damaged by debris from the road such as metal or stones that can cause damage to the tubes. If the tube is in pretty good condition it can be repaired.
  • Cracked Tank: The brass tank can sometimes crack. The repair can be made with a special type of silver solder.
  • Tube to Header Joint Leak: Over time, corrosion can damage the tube to the heater joint. The repair will depend on the extent of the damage.
Radiator Repair Services Call Now
Radiator Repair Services Call Now

Aluminum Tank or Core

  • Core Damage: Debris from the road is known for damaging cores. The damage is usually to the tubes. Most damage can be repaired.
  • Core Leak: Leaks are usually caused by internal corrosion or a worn-out brazed joint. It can be repaired by cutting an opening in the tank and closing off the failed tube.
  • Cracked Weld: Tanks are welded to the core and a cracked weld can usually be repaired. We grind out the failed weld, clean the area then reweld the area.

Charge Air Coolers

  • Core Damage: The core can be damaged by any type of debris. If it is in reasonable shape the tube damage can be repaired.
  • Broken Mounting Bracket/Cracked Tank: Mounting holes can wear out. They can be repaired by tig welding.
  • Cracked Tube at Header: Depending on how severe the damage is, cracked tubes can be repaired with two-part epoxy.

Plastic Tank Aluminum Core

  • Core Damage: Debris from the road is known for damaging cores. The damage is usually to the tubes. Most damage can be repaired.
  • Cracked Plastic Tank: Plastic tanks cannot be repaired. Call Southpointe Radiator at 734.351.5365 for a replacement part.
  • Cracked Tubes: Tubes can have cracks from stress and metal fatigue. Two-part epoxy can offer a temporary repair, but it is recommended to replace the part.

Radiator Cleaning

Internal Cleaning

Southpointe Radiator cleans radiators, charge air coolers, and oil coolers. We use various equipment, chemicals, and methods to clean the parts properly.

  • Radiators: A variety of reasons can cause damage inside your radiator. The use of chemicals and hot pressurized flushing can restore radiators to an operating condition. In some extreme situations, the radiator will be soaked in a vibrionic tank or the tubes will be individually cleaned by rodding them out.
  • Charge Air Cooler: We will clean your charge air cooler and remove all the oil caused by a failed turbo that dumped oil into the part.
  • Oil Coolers: The oil cooler will be placed in a special tank and flushed through the cooler with special chemicals to help break down the sludge. Which is then removed using a hot pressurized flush to remove the chemicals and sludge.
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