Liquefied DPF Cleaning

Until recently, if you wanted to get a DPF “cleaned” and returned for installation in a vehicle the same day you had to sacrifice the quality of cleaning. And if you needed the filter to be cleaned and operate within OE specs it was a 24 to 48-hour turnaround time. Well, that was the case until now!

Liquefied DPF Cleaning the timeframe to properly clean filters. Our system lets you properly clean and dry a dirty DPF in four hours or less. Our deionized water & surfactant stream maneuver around the complicated cell structure of a DPF, removing and recovering debris found inside the filter. Our non-destructive cleaning process helps prolong the life of the filter while restoring it to OEM operating specs.

Liquefied DPF Cleaning

8-Step Liquefied DPF Cleaning Process

1: Inspection and documentation pre-cleaning.
2: Pre-soak of contaminated filter (10 minutes).
3: Flushing of contaminated filter (replaces blowing out function).
4: Clean soak of filter in wash station holding area.
5: Rinsing and inspection of the clean filter.
6: Drying the filter using a self-engineered drying cabinet.
7: Post-cleaning inspection and documentation of filter.
8: Final prep of clean filter.

Diesel Particulate Filters Service

What’s best, is after we clean your filter it looks as good as new and flows like brand new. We do all of this with free pickup. We are on a standard turnaround of 1 day. Faster service is available upon specific request. Call us today at 1-734-351-5365 or contact us. We also carry DPF accessories as well, such as clamps and gaskets.


DPF Cleaning
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