Q: What is your Shipping Policy?

A: All tubes are a flat rate of $35.00 within the continental United States. All other products are shipped using the most cost-effective carriers unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Q: What is the warranty policy for your products?

A: Stainless steel coolant tubes have a lifetime warranty. Excluding customer damage and modifications. Radiators are 1 year, all other products have a 90-day limited warranty. Limited warranty information is in product packaging. Any items found in Jerry’s Korner are sold as described and without expressed or implied warranties.

Q: How can I become a dealer?

A: Distributorship areas and dealer positions are available. Call Adam at 1-734-351-5365 9 am-5 pm eastern time zone.

Q: Where can I get tube accessories?

A: All necessary hoses, hose clamps, plugs, and water valves are available from southpointeradiator.com. If there is any product desired but not found don’t hesitate to call.

Q: What can I do to easily install the hose on my tube?

A: Use a type of lubricant such as, Never Seize or Anti-Seize.

Q: I don’t see my truck application.

A: Call Adam at 1-734-351-5365, he will make the necessary arrangements to have your tube made.

Q: Why should I buy yours?

A: Our tubes are made to last forever. The o.e.m. equipment lasts an average of 2-5 years, although the dealer replacements are beginning to be stainless. They are a low-grade stainless with high carbon content which allows internal corrosion. The auxiliary pipe ports on the dealer replacements are made of standard mild steel and wire welded to the tube. THESE WILL RUST AT THE BUNG. And lastly, the dealer replacements can cost up to 50% more than our tubes. Don’t forget about our lifetime owner warranty.

Q: I wrecked my truck and damaged the tube.

A: Call for a R.A.R. number, ship it back to us and we can repair it.

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