Is your Truck AC set for summer?

As we approach the summer days, many will run the air conditioning within their truck. Ensuring that each part that makes up the A/C system is properly functioning will provide truck drivers with the air necessary to keep cool.

A/C systems are made up of many parts including the truck’s A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, and accumulator or drier. The main component of the air conditioning system within a truck is known as the compressor. The A/C compressor allows the refrigerant to pressurize resulting in cool air being released. A/C compressors in trucks are run by an engine belt and an electric clutch that acts as a switch turning the compressor on and off depending on how cool of air conditioning you want.

Another important component of a truck’s air conditioning system is the A/C condenser. Located next to your truck’s radiator the A/C compressor resembles a smaller radiator which the compressed air travels through, resulting in much cooler air becoming liquid. After the air becomes a liquid it continues through the evaporator and accumulator.

Each component of a truck’s A/C system is just as important as the next. Southpointe Radiator provides high-quality air conditioning parts for trucks. Contact Southpointe Radiator today to get started on repairing your truck’s A/C compressors or condensers.

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