Radiator Hose Leak Symptoms

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One of the biggest things that can send your truck to its early grave is a faulty or broken radiator hose. This hose is responsible for transporting the coolant to the radiator, and when it fails it causes problems or damages your engine. Coolant helps regulate your engine’s temperature helping make sure it stays cool or warm enough while it’s running sometimes the signs of a failing radiator hose aren’t always as easy as looking at your engine’s temperature gauge. This is why we wanted to tell you about some other signs of a failing radiator hose.

Signs Your Radiator Hose Needs Replacement

When your radiator hose starts leaking, there will be little signs here and there. Since this hose takes and transports coolant to the engine, you’ll mostly want to keep an eye on your engine temperature and spots around your rig. Here are the 2 biggest telltale signs your radiator hose is broken.

Puddle under your engine and smells

One of the first tall tale signs of a leaky or damaged hose are spots of coolant under your truck. Coolant and antifreeze do have a particular smell that you can identify. You may smell a pungent fruity or chemical smell coming from your engine after it’s been running. This is a sign you should have your radiator checked,

The Engine Is Running Hotter

If you notice that your engine heat gauge isn’t smack dab in the middle, you have a brewing problem. You’d hate to be on the highway and have to pull off to let your engine cool down. Once you notice your engine starting to run warmer, get your truck to Southpointe Radiator, thankfully we can help with this!

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