Radiator Repair Of All Types

At SouthPOINTE Radiator we do offer excellent radiator repair for not only trucks. But also many other types of radiators as well. No matter what type of vehicle such as construction vehicles, we can also repair radiators in buildings, generators, and many other types.

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Our quality work is held to a higher standard than other companies. We stand by our work and guarantee it. SouthPOINTE will flush, clean, boil (if not aluminum), remove build-up, and test for leaks. In addition, we repair the leaks if it is a copper or brass radiator we will solder the leaks. If it is an aluminum radiator we use a brazing rod or a stick-tight to repair leaks. All within a reasonable time frame.

We repair a wide variety of radiators such as:

  • Semi-Truck Radiators
  • Commercial Building Radiators
  • Offroad Construction Equipment
  • Hospitals
  • Government Buildings
  • Universities
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Generator Radiators

With the exception of cars, we repair just about any radiator. In addition, we can repair it on-site or pick up the radiator for repair. If you would need us to pick up the radiator, please use the form below.

Radiator Repair Of All Types

We also offer a large selection of services such as DPF Cleaning, high-pressure cooler repair, heat exchanger repair, and much more! Give us a call today at 734.351.5365 to book your service.

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