School Bus Maintenance And Parts For Fleets

School Bus Maintenance And Parts For Fleets

With fall right around the corner and Labor Day quickly approaching it means school is back in session. A lot of school districts need to maintain and operate a pretty large fleet of school buses. When it comes to buses you need them to be on time and reliable.

If a bus overheats or breaks down there will be a lot of angry parents to deal with. We here at Southpointe Radiator are here to help you maintain your bus fleet. Whether it be parts or maintenance we can keep your fleet running and on time.

School Bus Parts

Here in Michigan, a lot of the school bus fleets are made by Blue Bird, Thomas Built or Freightliner. One of the most important parts of the engine to keep it running is the radiator. Late summer and early fall can still get pretty hot here, so keeping your engine cool is a high priority. Lucky for you, Southpointe carries all the radiators you need for your buses. Not only have radiators, but we also carry coolant tubes, surge tanks, and much more.

We have coolant tubes specially designed just for school buses. In addition, we have parts for coach buses and motor homes as well. Don’t see the part you are looking for? Give us a call, and our friendly staff can help you find just the right part.

School Bus Fleet Maintenance

In addition to parts, we offer fleet maintenance as well. From oil changes to engine work, we can help maintain your entire fleet. Give us a call today at 1-888-897-6265 for more information on our fleet maintenance programs.

No matter if you just need bus parts such as clamps, hoses, or any type of part, we can help. Also, our certified experienced mechanics can provide the best fleet maintenance around for your school buses. So give us a call today and see what Southpointe Radiator can do for you!


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