SERCK Radiator Tanks

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SERK Radiator Tanks Difference

Radiator expansion tanks for Class 8 trucks are used to manage the coolant and thermal systems of large commercial trucks. These tanks serve several important functions.

  • Coolant Reservoir:

    The primary function of a radiator expansion tank is to act as a reservoir for engine coolant. Class 8 trucks have large engines that generate a significant amount of heat. The coolant reservoir allows for the expansion and contraction of the coolant as the engine temperature fluctuates, ensuring a consistent supply of coolant to the engine.

  • Coolant Recovery:
    In the cooling system, the coolant heats up and expands as the engine reaches its operating temperature. The radiator expansion tank collects the excess coolant as it expands and releases it back into the system as the engine cools down. This helps prevent over-pressurization of the cooling system.
  • Air Purge:
    Radiator tanks can also help eliminate air bubbles or pockets from the coolant system. Air can reduce the cooling efficiency of the system, so these tanks often have features to facilitate the release of air and ensure the system is filled with coolant.
  • Pressure Regulation:
    These tanks can help regulate the pressure in the cooling system, ensuring it operates within the manufacturer’s specified pressure range. This is important to prevent overheating and damage to the engine.
  • Coolant Level Monitoring:
    Some radiator expansion tanks have sensors or indicators that allow truck drivers or maintenance personnel to monitor the coolant level easily. This helps in identifying potential coolant leaks or low coolant conditions, which can be indicative of cooling system problems.

Radiator expansion tanks in Class 8 trucks play a crucial role in maintaining the cooling system’s efficiency and preventing overheating, which is particularly important in heavy-duty, long-haul trucks where engine performance and longevity are essential. These tanks help manage coolant levels and ensure the cooling system operates within safe temperature and pressure ranges. Finally, order yours today!

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