Understanding The Engine Cooling System

Fan Clutch

With the abundance amount of heat the engine receives it is a priority, you keep a close eye on how your fan clutch is operating. Diesel fuel has to be compressed at very high temperatures to burn fuel efficiently and to meet required laws.

Luckily truck engineers from Detroit Diesel, Mack Truck, Kitmaster, Horton and Kysor are fan clutch and other truck part manufacturers have been working hard on ways to improve the engines cooling system this has included;

  • Increasing the size of the radiator is not an option
  • Different ways to manage the airflow through the radiator
  • Improved fin designs
  • Increase cooling capacity
  • Better designed fan clutch
  • Better designed pumps
  • Better designed coolant tubes

What Are Signs of a Bad Fan Clutch?

The first and most obvious sign of a bad fan clutch is overheating. Without a properly functioning fan clutch, the engine can overheat rather quickly and can cause some serious damage. Another sign is loud cooling fans.

When the fan clutch malfunctions, the cooling fans come on to make up for it and blow at full speed. Which makes it unusually loud. The other sign is a decrease in power or fuel efficiency. With the fans fully engaged the engine efficiency will lack.

The importance of the Fan Clutch

A fan clutch is one of those parts that people misunderstand the most about the diesel engine cooling system they should also understand other components like; stainless steel coolant tubes, charge air coolers, exhaust and radiators.

Truck part manufacturers like Kysor and Horton make fan clutch rebuild and replacement kits to replace parts in your cooling system. Realizing they cannot change the size of the radiator with better ways found to cool the engine through stainless steel coolant tubes, exhaust, charge air coolers, and radiators. Let SouthPointe Radiator a family owned business help you find your truck parts to replace or repair your diesel engine. CONTACT US TODAY 888-633-9940.