Heavy Duty Truck Parts for Semi Fleets

As a semi-truck fleet manager responsible for keeping trucks on the road, you need reliable parts fast and at a fair price. Southpointe Radiator makes custom heavy-duty truck parts for semi fleets and you can in minutes!  Semi-trucks and trailers take a beating out there. Rough roads, cold weather, and excessive heat are just a few of the challenges. We want to make help sure your fleet stays up and running so your business can too.

American-Made Truck Parts

If you’ve been searching for American-made heavy-duty truck parts, then look no further!

Heavy Duty Truck Parts for Semi Fleets
If you need a American-made fleet truck parts supplier look no further!

We stand by all our products and services and have the reputation to prove it. At Southpointe Radiator, we promise longevity, durability, and 100% customer satisfaction. We work with our customers who need fleet truck parts and can offer wholesale heavy-duty truck parts with quantity discounts to truck fleet managers.

We specialize in custom-made coolant tubes exhaust pipes charge air cooler tubes, and surge tanks. These parts are all made in-house by our ASE-certified employees. With decades of experience, you can be sure you’re in good hands!

Let Southpointe Radiator be your go-to fleet truck parts supplier. We have the experience and reputation you’d expect from a company that is a NARSA and MACS member, a supporter of OOIDA, and ASE-certified employees. Southpointe has been in business for over 35 years. Our business is family owned and operated. Our manufacturing and parts distribution are in Michigan, providing parts throughout the United States.

Need help with repairs or maintaining your fleet?

We can help you make sure your fleet of semi-trucks stays up and running. You can trust your semi truck fleet with our commercial truck parts and repair services, we guarantee it. We want to help you increase your fleet’s longevity and lower the overall cost of maintaining your trucks. With our superior service and custom-designed parts, we can make help make that happen.

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