Southpointe Radiator Is A NARSA Certified Heavy Duty Shop

soutpointe radiator is narsa heavy duty truck member

Southpointe Radiator is a member and strongly supports NARSA, The International Heat Transfer Association. We are proud to be NARSA Heavy Duty Certified and we want our customers to know. They recognize our radiator shop and our technicians to have the equipment and technical knowledge to provide parts for heavy-duty repairs with a high level of product quality and customer service.

NARSA  Heavy Duty Certified Radiator Shop

The International Heat Transfer Association has been providing Thermal management in transportation for over 60 years. The trade association is guiding its members towards innovation in heat exchange for power, using Energy, and Commercial and industrial manufacturing.

NARSA will always be a leader in the knowledge of the automotive and heavy-duty trucking industry. That’s why we support them and will continue to grow within our Heavy Duty Truck Parts featuring; stainless steel coolant tubes, radiator replacement parts, radiators, and more for your truck.

See us featured in the cooling journal.

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We are NARSA HD Certified! Being a part of the association helps keep Southpointe’s employees educated and informed on all new heat transfer news. Finally, if you would like to learn more or place an order call 734.351.5365 today.

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