Keep Your Diesel Particulate Filter Clean

A properly working DPF keeps your semi on the road

For every diesel semi or truck longevity is a concern. For many, their truck is the source of their livelihood. If you are a fleet manager,  the semi trucks “are” the business. In any case, the vehicle(s) must last long enough to see a return on investment and profit from them. Regular preventative maintenance and upkeep is part of that. What is one very important part that often gets overlooked? The Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF.Cummings diesel particulate filter - DPF

This part in your 18-wheeler helps clean the exhaust by catching soot and ash from the burning of the diesel motor oil. The filter uses a chemical reaction to turn soot in your exhaust into ash that is captured by the filter. The DPF requires cleaning every so often otherwise it can clog or restrict exhaust flow which can cause damage to your engine. The frequency of cleaning has many factors like the quality of the filter, the amount of fuel burned, miles traveled and length of time your motor is on. Some fleet owners say that an annual cleaning is necessary at the least. The fact is; the more you use your semi-truck, the more often you’ll need to clean out the Diesel Particulate Filter.

One note of caution: Even if you do regularly parked regens, this will not clean out your DPF. Though it does clean out your exhaust pipe, the soot and ash will not be cleaned out from the filter. You will need to either clean it in-house or hire a professional to clean it.

Why You Should Have the Professionals Clean Your DPF?

You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by cleaning your Diesel Particulate Filter when you might think it needs to be replaced. Over time, replacing your DPF may be what is required. However, having it inspected and cleaned professionally by Southpointe Radiator will extend its life considerably.  Consider some of the steps we take in our DPF cleaning process:

Poorly cleaned diesel particulate filter

  • Inspect and tag upon arrival
  • Weigh DPF before cleaning
  • Load into digital temp control oven
  • Heat to over 1000 degrees for 8 hours

We’re just getting started so… READ MORE!

There are services that can use “certified” auto cleaners for cleaning your DPF. However, as you can see in the image on the left, they can leave a residue. The devil is in the details and our people are trained and experienced at paying attention to the details. For about the same cost and Free Pickup locally, you can have your DPF professionally cleaned!

Do you need to replace your DPF?

There may be a time that you need to clean your DPF. Southpointe is your go-to supplier for all major types of big rigs & heavy-duty diesel including;  Cummins, Mack, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Mercedes, and others. Finally, at SouthPOINTE, we clean Diesel Particulate Filters online at a reasonable cost to you!   Contact us or come in and experience our superior service and attention to your needs.

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