Now Available Super Heavy Duty Compressors (SHDC)

Super Heavy Duty Compressors

Southpointe Radiator is proud to announce we carry Super Heavy Duty Compressors. Our compressors are a Sanden style compressor that can replace a standard model. A super heavy duty compressor (SHDC), is a pump used in the cooling system.

Our OEM Super Heavy Duty Compressors features include:

  • Heavy Duty design for greater durability and longer service life
  • Original equipment on later model, class 8 vehicles such as Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo and Mack
  • Doubles the number of life clutch cycles
  • Increased friction surface diameter on clutch rotor
  • Same wobble plate design and performance as current SD7 compressors
  • Larger face with a friction lined clutch rotor for better engagement
  • Rubber clutch armature replaces and eliminates leaf spring armature
  • New heavy duty extra pure steel bearing in clutch rotor
  • Increased internal oil flow passages
  • Improved over-molded lip seal
  • Improved Rod Swage Joint Quality with special alumite coating
  • Thermal Fuse added to coil for disengagement of clutch pulley
  • Prevents clutch from locking up and throwing accessory drive belt

New  Super Heavy Duty Compressors Model Replacements

In most applications, our Super Heavy Duty Compressors will replace the standard models. Always check clutch clearance before installing on a vehicle.

Standard Models

  • 5333
  • 5334
  • 5362
  • 5363
  • 5365
  • 5366
Super Heavy Duty Models

  • 5333S
  • 5334S
  • 5362S
  • 5363S
  • 5365S
  • 5366S

Thermal Fuse in Clutch Coil

A thermal fuse is placed inside the clutch coil to sensor high heat temperatures. Its function is to sense extreme heat from clutch slippage, then the thermal fuse breaks. With the open fuse, it will not allow the electrical current to flow to the clutch coil. This function disengages the clutch armature from the clutch pulley and allows the clutch pulley to spin freely acting as an idler pulley.

The thermal fuse prevents the loss of the accessory drive belt. Also, the thermal fuse cannot be reset or replaced after breaking open. The compressor must be replaced and maintenance of the system must be done.

If you would like to order or learn more about our Super Heavy Duty Compressors, give us a call today at 734.351.5365 or contact us now.

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