Kenworth and Freightliner Headlights

Kenworth and Freightliner Headlights
We all know accidents happen and wear and tear over the years can lead to broken parts. For any kind of overnight haul, you need to make sure your lights are in working order. Large Kenworth or Freightliner trucks, headlights from the manufacturer can cost quite a bit. Also, when you buy directly from them, you never know how long it will take to get to you.

For a better more cost-effective way to save on replacing your headlight, buy from Southpointe Radiator. At Southpointe Radiator, we offer headlights for Freightliner, International, Kenworth and Volvo trucks. Our headlights are reasonably priced and will get shipped to you quickly and easily.

Our OEM replacement headlights are as good as any factory headlight you can buy. In addition, our headlights come with black housing for easy replacement.

How To Install Headlights

First, you need to lift the hood to access the back of the headlight. Once you have access, unplug the harness that is connected to the headlight.

Once the harness has been removed, unscrew the mounting nuts on the back of the headlight to remove it. Usually, four nuts may vary depending on the model. Before you remove the last nut, make sure to hold the front of the headlight so it does not fall, while you remove the last nut.

At this point remove the old light assembly, then slide the new replacement headlight assembly in place. Make sure to line it up right, then tighten the mounting nuts on the back of the headlight. Once it is tightened, reattach the electrical connector with dielectric grease and close the hood.

If you are in need of a headlight or coolant tube, then Southpointe Radiator is your place for all your OEM replacement parts. Place your order or give us a call at 1-888-897-6265 today!



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