Surge Tanks Purpose and Replacements

Surge Tanks Purpose and Replacements

Surge Tanks are an integral part of a truck’s cooling system. The main function of a surge tank is to control the pressure variations caused by changes in temperature. They prevent system failure by controlling the rise and fall in pressure in the cooling system. Usually, a radiator is topped with a surge tank to prevent the blowing out of radiator fluid.

Surge tanks are located near the top of the radiator. This is because the heat and pressure will force the fluid upwards into the tank. Some surge tanks have been mounted to a firewall instead of the top of the radiator. When pressure builds up in a radiator, having a surge tank is a must. Without a surge tank, the radiator may crack or severely leak. When the pressure drops, the surge tank fills in the right amount of fluid to the radiator.

Surge Tank Replacements

Components and surge tanks are well known to malfunction. A leak from a surge tank or a crack in it can cause major damage to your cooling system. Plastic surge tanks are notorious for cracks or breaks. A lot of times a leak is blamed on the radiator and a whole new radiator is installed. when in fact, it was actually the surge tank that was leaking.

When replacing a surge tank, make sure the engine is cool and drain the radiator roughly 3 to 5 gallons. Next, you will need to remove the sensor wires going into the tank. After that, remove the large hoses. Then remove the surge tank from the brackets.

Major RVs, Semi-trucks, and heavy-duty trucks have an expansion tank on their radiator. If you are in need of a replacement expansion tank, Southpointe Radiator has replacement OEM surge tanks. We carry tanks for Western Star, RV, Volvo, Ford, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, and Peterbilt.

Order Surge Tanks

Our surge tanks are durable and will last longer than the actual manufacturers’ surge tanks. Our Western Star tank, for example, is made from 11 gauge sheet steel which makes it very durable. Place your order today for our surge tanks or give us a call at 734.351.5365 and we can answer any question you might have.


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