Truck Repair Services

Truck Repair Services

Keeping your truck on the road is always an owner/operator’s top priority. But unfortunately, over time components just break down and repairs are unavoidable. The good news is your friends at Southpointe Radiator offer year around truck repair services.

Southpointe Radiators experienced technicians can keep your truck running and on the road. In addition, we can service your fleets or individual trucks on-site. Companies such as GFL, Republic Waste, and ITS all use Southpointe Radiators repair and maintenance services.

Radiator and Heating Repairs

During the cold Michigan winters, clogged heater cores or radiator issues may occur. At Southpointe Radiator we provide some of the best HVAC system repairs around. When you bring your truck to Southpointe we can inspect it and find what is wrong with your truck. Then we will recommend the proper repairs and on approval, make the repairs you need.

Another area in that we excel is Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning. Automated cleaning services just do not compare to the cleaning that Southpointe can provide for you. We weigh each filter and then run the filter through our thorough cleaning steps providing you with one of the cleanest filters you have ever seen.

The best part is we only charge $295 for DPF cleaning and have a one-day turnaround. That is cheaper and quicker than most other repair shops.

General Truck Service

During cold months, it is essential that your truck can keep you warm, and when you have a heating issue call Southpointe Radiator. Schedule your repair today by calling 1-888-897-6265. Our large facility in Romulus makes it easy for us to work on your rig. If you need on-site repairs, let us know and we can come to you.

Finally, give us a call and put our 50-plus years of truck repair knowledge to work for you.

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