Why All Metal Replacement Radiators Do Not Last

Metal Replacement Radiators

This is only in relation to an OE (Original Equipment) unit being plastic tanks and aluminum core. In addition, the all-metal replacement radiator being constructed of copper and brass.

All Metal Replacement Radiators Don’t Last and We Don’t Sell Them

The OE unit on average weighs 40 pounds without the framework. The common all-metal unit as sold by the local competition LKQ, Detroit Radiator, TSM, and Thermal Solutions weighs an average of 75 pounds without the framework. The framework weighs the same but the OE framework is traditional and of superior quality.

When these units are installed on the truck each one uses the same size, style of the framework, and mount bushings. Also, they sit on the same cross-member with no reinforcements.

Metal Replacement Radiators As you can see the all-metal unit weighs almost twice as much. And when you drive down our wonderful roads the all-metal unit is basically beaten to death. The leaks will start in the corners with cracked tubes. Then after the all-metal unit has been repaired the corrosion will take over. The all-metal unit is able to be repaired more times but it is not free to take and put back in each time.

While an all-metal unit may sound like it will last longer, I can assure you that it will not.

It is solely for longevity reasons that we do not sell all-metal replacement radiators. Yep, the BT line is all metal, but they were all metal from the factory and weigh 225 pounds, and are designed for it. So, they last when installed in those trucks.

Radiator Repair Services

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