AC Condensers For Semi-Trucks or Construction equipment

AC Condensers

What is an AC Condenser?

When it comes to semi-trucks or construction equipment, heavy duty truck AC condensers are an important consideration in maintaining the vehicle. These air conditioning condensers are located on the high side of the air conditioning system and are placed directly in front of the radiator. Because of where it’s located, it allows for the refrigerant vapor to travel through the air-conditioning system, thus creating ice cold air for the driver.

There are many types and styles of AC condensers for trucks. Depending on what type of truck you own will determine which air conditioning condenser works best for you. Freightliner AC condensers, for example, are the most common (because many semi truck fleets use them). An AC condenser is known as the other heat exchanger in a mobile A/C system. Generally, heavy-duty truck AC condensers are made of aluminum, however, in the past, they were made from copper or brass. Condensers are sometimes confused as radiators because they look very much alike. A thing that sets a condenser apart from a radiator is its size. Air conditioning condensers for trucks are a little thinner than radiators and depend on air flowing through them.

What to do if Your Air Conditioning Condenser Needs to be Replaced?

Are you in need of getting your air conditioning condensing unit replaced? There are three hoses when looking at the manifold gauge: yellow, blue and red. Be sure to put the yellow hose to the recovery machine (which will go into a recovery tank), the blue hose to the low side pressure port and the red hose to the high side pressure port. Keeping all connections air tight and are free of any leaks is key. By simply removing all items that are in the way of the condenser will make things run smoothly. If you have any questions about replacement AC condensers, please give us a call. We carry them in stock for all the heavy-duty trucks including:

  • Peterbilt
  • International Navistar
  • Mack Trucks
  • Kenworth
  • Freightliner
    As well as AC condensers for other class 7, class 8 & class 9 vehicles.

Order AC Condensers from Southpointeo

At Southpointe Radiator, we supply air conditioning condensers for semi-trucks and industrial/construction equipment. Finally, order online or if you have any questions on A/C system parts or condensers for your big rig, please contact us.

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