Commercial Truck Radiators

Commercial Truck RadiatorsCommercial Truck RadiatorsCommercial Truck RadiatorsCommercial Truck Radiators

The cooling system and especially the radiator are crucial in keeping your engine from overheating. Your commercial truck engine can produce a large amount of heat. Also, without a properly functioning radiator, it will certainly overheat.  The radiator in your truck is filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze. This mixture is moved through your cooling system usually by a water pump.

The pump pushes the fluid through the engine and then the heated fluid returns to the radiator where the heat is absorbed and then released into the air, this is known as the heat exchange. Then once the fluid is cooled again, it is pumped back through the engine to cool it again, repeating the cycle over and over.

Some signs of a failed radiator or cooling system are a blown head gasket, damaged valves, warped head, damaged pistons, or a cracked engine block. There are usually two major types of radiators the downflow and the crossflow radiator.

Types of Radiators and Maintenance

A downflow radiator has tanks on the top and bottom which makes the cooling fluid run vertically down the front of the engine. The crossflow radiator has coolant tanks on the sides and causes the fluid to move horizontally across the front of the engine.

When maintaining your radiator there are some maintenance steps you should take. First is to check your fluid levels and make sure you have the proper amount. Next, you should check your hoses and coolant tubes to make sure there are no leaks. This may seem obvious but make sure to check your radiator cap as well. Through time and vibration of the engine, it may come loose.

Even with proper maintenance, over time your radiator may fail and need to be replaced. The good news the professionals at Southpointe Radiator are here to help. We have a large inventory of commercial truck radiators to choose from and our inventory is growing every day. So give us a call today at 734.351.5365 and find the right radiator for your truck today!


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