Truck A/C Condensers Available At Southpointe Radiator

Truck A/C Condensers Available At Southpointe Radiator

A truck A/C condenser is somewhat similar looking to a radiator. Condensers are usually made of aluminum and located near the front of the engine to allow air to flow through. An evaporator’s job is to absorb heat whereas a condenser’s job is built to release heat.

The condenser’s job is to release heat from the A/C system refrigerant that passes through the condenser. Sometimes your condenser can malfunction. Things that can cause this are a blockage from objects like leaves, dirt, or insects. The condenser itself may have weld failure or crack. Because the condenser is in the front of the engine, objects from the road such as rocks and debris can damage the A/C condenser.

Truck A/C Condenser Replacements

There are usually signs that your condenser needs repair or to be replaced. One of the first and most obvious signs is the reduction in cooling. Noticing leaks is another sign of a bad condenser. Unfortunately, once you start experiencing leaks, you will need to replace the whole part.

If your truck’s A/C condenser needs replacing, then Southpointe Radiator is the right place for you. At Southpointe, we carry an extensive lineup of A/C condensers to choose from. We have condensers for top brands such as Sterling, Freightliner, GMC, Peterbilt, and Kenworth just to name a few.

Not sure which condenser is right for your truck? Just use our easy application guide, it will guide you to the right part. You can also give us a call at 1-888-897-6265 and one of our experts are always willing to help you.

With summer right around the corner, you need to make sure your A/C system is working and running smoothly. With a new truck A/C Condenser from Southpointe Radiator, you will guarantee to have a cool and comfortable summer driving.


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